3 day 3 quote Challenge: Day 3


     I am extremely delighted to be part of the 3 Days quotes challenges which have been making the rounds for a few weeks now. It is exciting to decipher such insightful quotes shared by the best of bloggers. I am really grateful to AishwariyaRamaChandran for tagging me for this challenge. Thank you so much for nominating me. I strongly recommend following her blog at https://ratraceofmylife.wordpress.com/ .

                   This is my third and last day in the 3 day quote challenge and I cannot bid adieu to this thought provoking adventure without being cosy with my poetic self. Hope you will also like them:-

Quote 1:

काल  करे  सो  काल  ही  कर,

के  आज  भी  तो  कल  का  कल,

करते  जाने  की  होड़  में,

कहीं  बीत  न  जाए  ये  पल ||


            With all due respect to the great poet and saint Kabir Das Ji, I took the liberty to mold them in consonance with the present times. This quote is simply about making the most out of each moment without being carried away by the rat race psyche.


Quote 2:

गुरु  गोविंद  दौऊ  खड़े ,

काके  लागूँ  पाए ;

पर आज  कल  के  दौर  में ,

They  just  say…’Hi’ ||


                This quote is again a Kabira classic which has been revisited to depict the regression in cultural aesthetics and values emerging out of commercialization of education and even spirituality. Please spare me for toying with the works of the great Kabira himself but it was meant for creative genesis rather than hurting anyone’s feelings.

Now for my nominees and challenge rules…

Challenge rules:

  1. Thank your challenging blogger and post their site
  2. Post three consecutive days
  3. Post one to three quotes per day
  4. Challenge three different bloggers per day

My nominees:




I enjoyed being part of this challenge and hope you enjoy it too…


36 thoughts on “3 day 3 quote Challenge: Day 3

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