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We should not be sad because they are not here and we can’t see them…but we should smile because they lived. They are watching us and we can make them happy by being someone they would want us to be…

नम  आँखों  से  छलकते  जज़्बात…

उन्हें  भूल  पाना  अब  मुमकिन  नहीं ,

के  ये  कोमल  एहसास  ही, साँसों  का  सहारा  बन  गया ;

उनकी  छाया  तले  ही  सीखा  जीना  हमने,

और  उनका  अक्स  ही, किस्मत  का  सितारा  बन  गया ;

साहिलों  से  नाता  टूटे  ज़माना  हो  चला,

के  उफनते  इस  सागर  में, ये  तिनका  ही  किनारा  बन  गया ;

पर  दूर  होकर  भी  वो  इस  दिल  से  दूर  नहीं,

के  बुझी  कहीं  एक  लौ, तो  कहीं  शरारा  बन  गया ;

रौशन  है  ये  रूह  बस  उन्हीं  के  नूर  से,

के  बिखरा  एक  सपनों  का  महल, और  यादों  से  दोबारा  बन  गया ;

साँसों  का  सहारा  बन  गया… ||

This post is written for Indispire Edition 105 You just lost someone and in this case either you can grieve on losing that person or can smile thinking about the wonderful time you spent with that person or do both. A complex situation isn’t it? What will be your feelings…share with us!! #LifeWithoutYou.

10 thoughts on “यादें: #LifeWithoutYou

  1. Rita Shamihoke

    Dear doc2poet,
    Your poem is in hindi. I speak well but do not read hindi. I am 73 years old today. I came to terms with the departed souls only about two and a half years ago when I fortunately joined a ‘faith cum living philosophy’ group . This gave me a new perspective. Every morning and evening we include prayers for the departed. For the first time I have found peace. I lead a very active life.
    I am living alone but found acceptance in the future generation.
    I am very happy and able to cope with obstacles in my life.

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    1. I am happy for you Rita ji…I also lost someone few years back…the void can never be filled but her memories will always be with me…I have somehow learned to remain positive…It’s good that you have found peace with yourself…I wish you best of luck for your endeavors…:-)


      1. सही कहा आपने…. मै आभारी हूँ कि आपने इन शब्दों में छिपे जज्बात को पहचाना…शुक्रिया ☺

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