Sachin Tendulkar: A Tribute

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               My father have always been my inspiration. His perseverance and assiduity in his 40 years of job have been an inspiration. He is a living legend with simple living and high thinking. There is only one person whose life has been as impelling as my dad’s but he has galvanized a lot many more minds. #Sachin! #Sachin! It is not less than a holy verse for a master blaster fanatic and #Sachin is the God himself. This post is just a meager attempt to hold his magnificence in a handful of words. Lets see how it fairs…

Who is greater than #Sachin, 

‘coz he is second to none,

Cricket has seen many, 

but #Sachin is only one,

He is the god of cricket, 

sitting on the Everest of runs,

Some are Hindu, some Muslim; 

but He is my religion,

He is the quintessential cricketer, 

yet beyond all convention,

He ruled the world from 22 yards, 

with his throne in all the hearts that he won,

He is the epitome of timing, 

and paradigm of immaculate precision,

He has a record of records,

 and a ton of tons,

He demolished his oppositions, 

without ever touching a gun,

He is the totem of humility,

 an exemplar of passion,

He saw a dream, 

and lived it with diligence & resolution, 

His life is an epic, 

for us immortals it’s a lesson,

We can’t possibly match his feats, 

but trying it would be fun!!!


17 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar: A Tribute

  1. Reblogged this on doc2poet and commented:

    Happy Birthday to the legend we all love. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us. You may have left the 22 yards but you will always rule our hearts…Happy Birthday Sachin:-)


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