Lovestory untold…

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This one is based on a movie I love to love…Can you guess it?

            “सजदे  में  वो  थे, और  दुआ  हमारी  क़ुबूल  हो  गयी…”                                                                                -Ranjhanaa

Love at first sight it was, as true as it can be, 
She is everywhere, it’s all he can see,

Knows no boundaries, knows no fear,
Just wanna love her, and hold her dear,

It’s a pity she didn’t love him,
Shunned him away,
But he never learned to not-love her,
Without her…he wouldn’t last a day,

She was everything for him,
He loved her unconditionally anyway,
His love couldn’t prevail,
She wouldn’t believe him-no matter what he say,

He didn’t know what to do besides loving her,
So he loved her to the last breath,
Gave up his life for love, 
And proved his love in life and in death,

 Love is all he knew, love is all he had,

All he ever had…


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