Saludos Amigos: #FriendshipDay

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To all my awesome friends,

          Friends are the best thing that can happen to anyone. They balance our tipsy-turvy lives, add a bit of tang and fun, offer a shoulder to cry and most of all, keeps the party going. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and you may call them with different names, be it amigos, बंधु, मित्र or anything else but each one has a vital role to play. As they say it “हर  एक  friend  ज़रूरी  होता  है”.

कहते  हैं…अच्छे  दोस्त  यूँ  ही  नहीं  मिला  करते ,

पर  उसने  ये  दामन…कुछ  इस  तरह  सजाया  है ;

के  हर  मोड़  पर  मिले  नायाब  दोस्त ,

और  हर  एक  में  जैसे…वो  ख़ुद  ही  समाया  है ||


                    Yes, I have been lucky enough to have met wonderful friends almost everywhere I went and it is tougher than I can imagine naming just one. But adding the oldest clause narrows it down to only two; my best and oldest  buddies @Nikhil and @Prannoy or as we like to call ourselves…’Boogies’. I’ve known them before I knew friendship. In fact,  we have been together since class four and still catch up with each other on weekends or more often than that.  There’s no way how I can put to words the feeling of being able to stick together despite our different paths and professions. You are awesome guys 🙂

के  इनसे  ही  दोस्ती  की  पहचान  है,

तकल्लुफ   नहीं, कोई  राज़  नहीं,

के  इनसे  ही  खिलती  मुस्कान  है,

शुक्रिया  ए  खुदा  है  तेरा,

के  इन  लकीरों  मे  लिखा  इनका  नाम  है ||


                 Time is not the only way to look at the word oldest, sometimes the bond feels to have been made in heaven, a bond beyond time. I met these gems during my graduation and they just redefined friendship for me. It’s been 13 years and counting but it feels fresh like yesterday and ripe like eternity. Thank you @Harsh @Neeraj, @Shalini, @Ginni , @Mansi, @Vikas, @Mukesh, @Kanchan.


The  fun, laughter  and  small  talks,

The  road  trips  and  late  night  walks,

You  gave  meaning  to  everything  I  knew,

Rejuvenated  my  life,

Wanting  nothing  in  lieu,

With  you, my  life  is  like  a  grand  fest,

You  are  my  buddies, you  are  the  best…


Thank you all of you for being there for me. You rock guyz 🙂

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s WOW prompt is- “Hello, Old Friend”.



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