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First of all kudos to the blogchatter team for being the dream machine that churned out so many dreams into the real world all at once. It is a great achievement on their part to be hosting thirty three Ebooks on the second edition of their #EbookCarnival and each one is an amazing masterpiece.

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Out of the rainbowy mix of Ebooks, I instantly felt the connection with this one. I may not exactly be a minimalist already but I have been on this journey for a while now and if you are too, you will love this book.

About the Book: A to Z of Minimalism

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This book lists the path the author charted out for herself but I am sure most of us can connect to as well. She believes in transforming life step by step on the lines of the quote “Minimalism is not a goal but a journey” and it is beautifully described in her book.

About the Author:

Upasna– she is a full time working professional, a full time mother (actually being a mom can never be linked with a clock), a full time blogger and now an author. She blogs at “Life through my bioscope” about self improvement, parenting experiences, inspirations and lifestyle changes.

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What I loved about the book:

  1. Well structured writing: This book is cleverly divided into 26 chapters based on the alphabet with each celebrating a different aspect of minimalism. It is all about minimalism but never feels repetitive.
  2. Most of us can connect with it: You may be an entrepreneur, homemaker, student or a business tycoon, this book respects the differences in all our lives and the way it showcases minimalism, any or each one of us can embrace it with ease.
  3. Flexibility and alternatives: It is not just a set of rules but it gives you an insight and triggers a soul searching response. It is full of alternatives and open to your own additions.
  4. Simple and honest: It is simple in a pleasant way and gives positive vibes that you can do it too. You can feel the experiences and honesty behind the writing.
  5. It’s a quick read and a pleasant one. Hope you will love it too.

Verdict: 4.5/5. A must read…


Check out all the books hosted on the Blogchatter Ebook carnival and pick your favorites.

These books are also available on Goodreads, grab your copy now and immerse in the virtual world of books.


Thank you Blogchatter🙂

9 thoughts on “Book review 1: #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

  1. Thank you for sharing your book review with everyone! You’ve laid out a nice synopsis of its contents, so much so that i am interested in this book as well. I firmly believe that there are features of the minimalist lifestyle that are incredibly beneficial to a person’s mental/physical/overall health. 💚😇

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    1. Glad you liked it. Yes, minimalism is like poetry…saying more with lesser words and I love both. That’s why I chose to review this one first. There are some wonderful books published in blogchatter ebook carnival and I will be reviewing some more. Keep in touch. It’s nice to connect with you 😊

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