Book review 3: #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

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Hey Guys!! Here’s my third and the last (most probably) review for the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. I may come up with a few more if I can get past the hands of clocks squeezing me with those preoccupations. I must say I have really loved being a part of this initiative by blogchatter. Got my first anthology published, learnt so many new things and read such wonderful books. I have been lacking on the reading part of being a blogger but all thanks to blogchatter I am back with all my eyes and ears.

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So, why this book? As the author has said…why not? Being a poetry lover (or a poet if I may say) one of my selection had to be about poetry. Because I mostly write in Hindi and I want to explore more of English poetry, I chose this one. Poetry is not just a rhyme but it has way more depth than the deepest of creeks and you will realize it within a few pages of this masterpiece.


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This book is a collection of the poems written in the author’s journal  along the journey called ‘everyday’. This is an attempt to recapture her thoughts over a period of the years she lived away from home yet moved closer to it.

About the Author:

Nivedita N, a Hyderabadi has taken the yatra called poetry in 2007. Her journey with poetry include conversations with her muses over cups of chai  sitting near the Hussain Sagar Lake or her rendezvous with the historical figures. She currently resides in Milwaukee where she meets her muses over Caramel Coffee during Spring and Fall and hibernates during Midwestern winters.

What I loved about the book:

  1. It is everyday life woven into poetry: It is amazing how the author has turned everyday routines into poetic marvels. A rare feat I must say.
  2. You can feel the backyard mumble, the childhood memories, the drizzling, the rain; smiles and the pain. It’s all here in these short poems.
  3. I loved the style and depths of these poems.
  4. Philately-My favorite poem of the mix: Beautiful rainbow of childhood memories, lost hobbies, foodie thoughts, Satire, pun, smiles and world tour in a jiffy…
  5. Short and sweet: A beautiful collection of handpicked short poems to brighten up your days and musify everything around you:-)

Verdict: 4/5. A poetic bliss…


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These books are also available on Goodreads, grab your copy now and immerse in the virtual world of books.


Thank you Blogchatter🙂

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