वर्ष 2016: A lookback

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I wrote this one last year this time around for a prompt by #blogadda recapitulating all the ups and downs of the year. I felt the same when I read it today. Although there are a lot of new and wonderful things happening around but this one can still sum it up all. Hope you like it 🙂

I’ll look back on this and smile

because it was life

and I decided to live it:-)

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 कुछ खट्टा कुछ मीठा

के ख़ूब रहा ये साल,

कुछ क़िस्से हैं, कुछ कहानी हैं ; 

कुछ बीत गया, कुछ बाकी है ,

कुछ बातें हैं जो बतानी हैं ;

पा लिया कुछ, तो कुछ ख़्वाब ही हैं,

के इसी का नाम तो  ज़िंदगानी है;

कभी ख़ुशी मिली, कभी आँसू,

के तक़दीर बड़ी सयानी है;

कभी जीत मिली, कभी सीख ,

कुछ मंज़िलें हैं, जो अभी पानी हैं;

कोई छूट गया, कोई साथ रहा,

के तस्वीरें कुछ धुँधली, तो कुछ जानी-पहचानी हैं;

कुछ याद रहा, कुछ भूल गया,

के  बातें कुछ कहनी हैं, कुछ छुपानी हैं;

जो बीत गया, वो फसाना था,

के तस्वीर तो अभी  बनानी है;

क्या ख़ूब रहा ये साल ,

और क्या ख़ूब ये कहानी है,

क्या ख़ूब ये कहानी है…

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आभार:#AtoZ Reflections

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A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

इस दुनिया में हर किसी को मुकम्मल जहाँ नहीं मिलता,

किसी को मंज़िल नहीं मिलती, किसी को कारवाँ नहीं मिलता |

               I am glad I signed up for this amazing challenge. It opened up a whole new world of HtmlToImagepossibilities and quench my thirst to write and connect with like-minded folks. I could fly higher and higher in the mystic realms of poetry, meet amazing writers, poets and bloggers from all around the globe and dive into the immersive ocean of creative content. My blog stats shot up to record heights (also reached 1000 WordPress likes) and it reached top rank on Indiblogger. Thanks to this challenge my blog is among top 10 poetry blogs on Indiblogger. It is only unfortunate that I couldn’t finish what I started but I am glad I joined in. I will prepare well in advance for the next one for sure.

Dream big and dare to fail,

Hit the tides and you will sail,

Need help; talk to your heart,

Make it your strength, master this art,

Don’t look for inspiration in others,

You are the one; you can do it best,

Push it hard; the margin is thin,

Just keep going, the power lies within…

The inspiration lies within… 



I am overwhelmed with the response I got but there is still a long way to go and I am more positive than ever.

कड़वी-खट्टी  इस  दुनिया  में, कुछ  मिठास  की  राहत  होनी  चाहिए,

के बहाने  भी  मिल  ही  जाएँगे , बस  मुस्कुराने  की  चाहत  होनी  चाहिए,

के  दर्द  भरे  इस  शोर-ओ-ग़ुल  में, खुशियों  की  आहट  तो  होनी  चाहिए,

नगमें  भी  खुद  ही  जी  उठेंगे, बस  लफ़्ज़ों  में  इबादत  होनी  चाहिए…


                 Heartiest congratulations to the amazing A to Z team for catapulting us to new heights of creative gratifications. Thanks to all the amazing bloggers for making it a huge success and all the readers who motivated us to keep going and put the best of us on our blogs.

Thank you card

            Some awesome bloggers here deserves a special mention:- BerkanaluzAishwariya , uniqusatya , Somali K Chakrabarti , Nivedita , Dixita , Alok , Vishal , Sunaina , Ajay , Hira , Sneha, Rakesh and many more (I cannot possibly name everyone but each one of you made it special for me)…Kudos to each and everyone who made this challenge the blog-fest it deserved to be…CHEERS!!!

Alankaar: #AtoZChallenge


Alankaar (लंकार) (Figure of speech):  A

          It is a beautiful coincidence that I get to talk about the ‘alankaar’ in my first post for this challenge. They have always intrigued me and inspired me to create beautiful effects with words in my poems. I will be sharing few of my creations during this challenge, old and new, and I hope you will keep looking for ‘alankaar’ in my posts. Each of my post will also feature a bonus word and a notable poet for the alphabet of the day.

Note: I have cited only the relevant lines from my poems as examples
to keep this post concise, you may follow the links provided to go to the original post/complete poem.

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The concept: (अलंकार) Alankaar is a figure of speech which means ornaments or adornments. It is one of the basic concepts of Hindi grammar; essentially a bibelot used in Hindi language to enhance the beauty of a poem. The ‘alankaar’ may create a superlative effect by way of a word itself or enhance it indirectly with its meaning.

Most common (अलंकार) Alankaar that you might find in the Hindi poetry are:

  1. अनुप्रास अलंकार (Pronun:/Anu’praas/)(Meaning: Alliteration)

Explanation: When a consonant/sound is repeated several times (more than once) in succession in a sentence or a poem.

ख़्वाहिश  भर  से  अंजाम  मिला  नहीं  करते,

के  हर  ख़्वाब  को  परवान  चढ़ाना  पड़ता  है ;

अंधेरे  को  कोसकर   किसने   क्या  पाया  है,

के  अपना  दीपक  ख़ुद  ही  जलाना   पड़ता  है ||


Repeated use of ‘क’ is creating alliteration here. It is a beautiful composition from my archives and the following link will take you to there, hope you like it:-) :- https://doc2poet.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/spirituality2/

Here is another post commemorating alliteration where the first letter of each line is same: Click here

  1. यमक अलंकार (Pronunciation:/Ya’mak/) (Meaning: Homonym)

Explanation: When a word is repeated more than once in a sentence but each time its meaning is different.

काल  करे  सो  काल  ही  कर,

के  आज  भी  तो  कल (yesterday)  का  कल (tomorrow),

करते  जाने  की  होड़  में, कहीं  बीत  न  जाए  ये  पल ||


Here ‘कल’ is used twice with a different meaning each time.

Note Repeated use of  ‘क’  is also creating  alliteration here.

This couplet is dedicated to the great Kabira  and you can visit it here: https://doc2poet.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/kabira1/

  1. श्लेष अलंकार (Pronunciation:/Shh’le:sh/) (Meaning: Pun)

Explanation: When a word is used only once but it has more than one meaning.

कभी  जीत  मिली, कभी  सीख ,

कुछ  मंज़िलें  हैं, जो  अभी  पानी  हैं;

कोई  छूट  गया, कोई  साथ  रहा,

के  तस्वीरें  कुछ  धुँधली, तो  कुछ  जानी-पहचानी  हैं;


‘तस्वीरें’ here has multiple meanings here ‘Pictures’ & ‘Memories’.

This link will take you to the original post:


  1. उपमा अलंकार (Pronunciation:/oop’maa/) (Meaning: Simile)

Explanation: When a person or thing is compared with a similar but famous or well known person or thing.

ख़यालों  ने  उनके  सताया  है  इस  क़दर,

के  राबता  हो  उनसे….तो  पूछेंगे  ज़रूर ;

तराशा  है  तुम्हें  खुद  उस  ख़ुदा  ने,

या  हो  तुम  परी….या  कोई  हूर ||


Here the inamorata is being compared with a fairy/ nymph/genie to create a simile.This poem is very close to my heart and you can feel it too, just click here: https://doc2poet.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/dil1/

  1. रूपक अलंकार (Pronunciation:/Roo’pak/) (Meaning:Metaphor)

Explanation: When a word is used for something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance.

उन्हें भूल पाना अब मुमकिन नहीं ,

के ये कोमल एहसास ही…साँसों का सहारा बन गया ;

साहिलों से नाता टूटे ज़माना हो चला,

के उफनते इस सागर में…ये तिनका ही किनारा  बन गया ||


 Here ‘सागर’ (meaning: sea) denotes ‘turbulent life’ and  ‘तिनका’ (meaning: straw/ shred/ scrap) is used to bespeak ‘a succor, support, hope or a coast’ to create a metaphor.

This link will take you to the original post: https://doc2poet.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/loneliness1/

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Amīr Khusrow (मीर ख़ुसरौ):

He was a Sufi musician and poet born in 1253. His enduring fame in India rests on the riddles, quibbles and songs written by him. He was one of the pioneers of Persian and Hindi poetry, including ‘qawwali’ and ‘ghazals’ in India.

Some of his celebrated creations include:

(It is not only a classic but one of my favorite poem too)

Chaap Tilak

चाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके,

चाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके,

प्रेम भाटी का माधवा  पिलाइके,

मतवाली कर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके,

गोरी गोरी बैयाँ, हरी हरी चूड़ियाँ ,

बैयाँ पकड़  धर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके,

बलि बलि जाऊं में तोरे रंग रजवा,

अपनी सी कर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके,

ख़ुसरौ निजाम के बलि बलि जाईए ,

मोहे सुहागन कीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके,

चाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके ||


You’ve taken away my looks, my identity, by just a glance.
By making me drink the wine of love-potion,
You’ve intoxicated me by just a glance;
My fair, delicate wrists with green bangles in them,
Have been held tightly by you with just a glance.
I give my life to you, Oh my cloth-dyer,
You’ve dyed me in yourself, by just a glance.
I give my whole life to you Oh, Nijam,
You’ve made me your bride, by just a glance.

Here is another famous gem from Amir Khusrow’s collection:

ख़ुसरो   दरिया   प्रेम   का, उल्टी   वा   की   धार,

जो   उतरा  सो   डूब   गया, जो   डूबा   सो   पार ||


Khusrow, the river of love runs in strange directions.
One who jumps into it drowns, and one who drowns, gets across.


Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 9.52.12 PM


Meaning  A divine creative impulse or poetic inspiration.


If you are reading this, thank you for stopping by. This post is first in a series of 26 posts that I will be writing as part of the A to Z challenge for April 2016. My theme for the challenge would be A to Z of poetry. Don’t feel shy to leave your feedback and visit again:-)

नव वर्ष: #NotMyResolution


We make resolutions, let them wither and eventually they die…

This year I have made some promises,

But I will not let them fade away this time.

I hope they survive to see the next New Year celebrations with me…

संकल्प :

“Say No to Procrastination”

कुछ  करना  है  कुछ  पाना  है, पर  संकल्प  यही  बस  माना  है,

के  असफलता  की  ठोकर  को, मैं  हार  नहीं  बनने  दूँगा,

संकल्प  के  बढ़ते  कदमों  की, रफ़्तार  नहीं  थमने  दूँगा;

कुछ  दूर  हैं  तो  कुछ  पास  ही  हैं, पर  दृढ़  मेरा  विश्वास  भी  है,

के  ख्वाबों  की  इस  नैया  की, पतवार  नहीं  छिनने  दूँगा,

नव  वर्ष  में  जलती  ज्वाला  को, अंगार  नहीं  बनने  दूँगा;

कुछ  आशा  है  कुछ  वादे  हैं, कुछ  मेरे  अडिग  इरादे  हैं,

के  दिल  से  जुड़े  इन  धागों  को, टूटे  तार  नहीं  बनने  दूँगा,

होता होगा  हर  साल  यही, पर  इस  बार  नहीं होने दूँगा,

इस  बार  नहीं होने दूँगा…


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सबक: #Lessonslearntin2015


Books shelf

The Lesson I learnt in 2015

उदासियों  की  वजह  तो  बहुत  हैं  ज़िंदगी  में,

पर  बेवजह  ख़ुश  रहने  का  मज़ा  ही  कुछ  और  है…

Because no matter how hard we try,

we are gonna miss a few milestones

But we must carry on and keep pace with time…


आहिस्ता  चल  ए  ज़िन्दगी , के  क़र्ज़  कई  चुकाना  बाकी  है,

कुछ  दर्द  मिटाना  बाकी  है, कुछ  फ़र्ज़  निभाना  बाकी  है,

रफ़्तार  में  तेरे  चलने  से, कुछ  रूठ  गये – कुछ  छूट  गये,

उन  रूठों  को  मनाना  बाकी  है, रोतों  को  हँसाना  बाकी  है,

इन  साँसों  पर  हक़  है  जिनका, उनको  समझाना  बाकी  है,

कुछ  हसरतें  अभी  अधूरी  हैं, कुछ  काम  और  अभी   ज़रूरी  हैं,

ख़्वाहिशें  कुछ  घुट  गयी  इस  दिल  में, उनको  दफ़नाना  बाकी  है,

नई  ख्वाहिशें  जगाना  बाकी  है, कुछ  ख़्वाब  सजाना  बाकी  है,

कुछ  आँसू  हैं  तो  कुछ  ग़म  भी  हैं, उनको  हँसी  तले  दबाना  बाकी  है,

कहीं  मरहम  लगाना  बाकी  है, कुछ  ज़ख़्म  छिपाना  बाकी  है,

तू  आगे  चल  मैं  आता  हूँ, के  अभी  कदम  बढ़ाना  बाकी  है ,

कुछ  और  सबक  हैं  तेरे  दामन  में, उनसे  मिल  जाना  बाकी  है,

के  आहिस्ता  चल  ए  ज़िंदगी, कुछ  क़र्ज़  चुकाना  बाकी  है,

के  क़र्ज़  चुकाना  बाकी  है…


This post is written for Indispire Edition 98: What are the 5 Lessons 2015 has taught you? #Lessonslearntin2015.