3 day 3 quote Challenge: Day 2


      I am extremely delighted to be part of the 3 Days quotes challenges which have been making the rounds for a few weeks now. It is exciting to decipher such insightful quotes shared by the best of bloggers. I am really grateful to AishwariyaRamaChandran for tagging me for this challenge. Thank you so much for nominating me. I strongly recommend following her blog at https://ratraceofmylife.wordpress.com/ .

                  This is my second day in the 3 day quote challenge. It wasn’t easy to select a quote for this post simply because I love so many of them. Being an ardent reader and a movie buff makes it a little difficult to select a few from the humongous inventory of quotes and one-liners. I really wanted to put one from the Harry Potter series but I chose one of my own:-

Quote 1:

“There are some things…we think we cannot do; and some things which we must…

Life happens when the two of them COINCIDE.”


           This is a quote I came up when I faced a difficult situation myself. It was when I managed to rise from an emotional turmoil and took it upon myself to stand my ground and face the situation. It wasn’t only me but we all face such situations every now and then. But I have realised that most of the restrictions are only subjective and they are bound to fall one we decide to fight them. This is the circle of life, complicated yet easy. We must remember not worry about things we cannot do until we have done all that we still can…

Now for my nominees and challenge rules…

Challenge rules:

  1. Thank your challenging blogger and post their site
  2. Post three consecutive days
  3. Post one to three quotes per day
  4. Challenge three different bloggers per day

My nominees:






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